Instructions on Shipping Your Boiler Tube to 'Get a Free Consult'

We know steam boilers, so naturally we understand the differences between a reheater tube or a waterwall tube as well as these boiler / Watertube Boiler tubegenerators -

  • Refuse Burners
  • Bio-Mass
  • Fossil Fuel - Coal, Fuel Oil and Natural Gas
  • Heat Recovery Generator

Is this important to you? We will let you be the judge of that!

Boiler Tube Failure Analysis - What To Do Before Shipping Boiler Tube

First (Step One), before shipping or removing the steam boiler tube for analysis take a picture of the boiler tube or heat exchanger tube in the boiler and the tube sheet that the heat exchanger tube came from. (MAKE SURE THE TUBE IS NOT CLEANED - NEED TUBE 'AS IS CONDITION') When possible include a diagram of there the tube sample was located in the boiler or heat exchanger such as:

  • Type of boiler and location in Boiler
  • Heat Pass location and flow direction
  • Elevation such as at the steam drum (how close)
  • Type of boiler tube: screen wall tube or furnace wall tube, boiler bank, generating bank, superheater (radiant, convection), economizer.
  • Boiler pressure, temperature, steaming rate, operating hours
  • Diagrams or drawing sheets showing location(s)
  • Boiler Tube material (what it is supposed to be)
  • Boiler Tube repair history
  • Description of steam boiler water treatment program

The above information is not always provided; however, when the information is given early in the tube analysis the boiler tube analysis results benefit.


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Preparing Shipping BoilerTube and Tube Shipping Instructions:

Boiler Tube Shipping:

Step Two: 'Dutchman' the boiler tube that is needed for testing and failure analysis. the boiler tube length should normally be a length of 3-feet (1-meter) but not less than 1- 1/2-foot in length. This is also true for a heat exchanger tube or condenser tube. Tap the ends immediately and wrap tube carefully

Step Three: Contact Laboratory .

Step Four: Drop the Steam Boiler Tube Shipping Container off to your nearest shipper.

Ship to:

Boiler Tube Testing
Attn: Boiler Tube Testing
212 Elmwood Ave Ext.
Gloversville, NY 12078

Inside the shipment leave a note who to telephone, an email address and a mailing address for correspondence.